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Who are we?

CompSoc is the University of Canterbury's Computer Society, dedicated to providing the UC community, a wide range of events and opportunities. CompSoc aims to offer students the full uni experience, with great events ranging from social BBQs to academic workshops, as well as enough industry opportunities to succeed university and beyond.

CompSoc is a club fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for anyone interested in the CSSE department, or even just keen on chilling with a variety of like-minded students. You can meet industry leaders from all over the world, or work on a problem with one of our mentors. If you would like to be part of such a innovative and evolving club then CompSoc is for you. CompSoc is all about enhancing your time at university, both socially and academically.


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CompSoc has held a strong presence in the UC community since our beginnings in 2003, but our “written history” begins in late 2010 with six passionate computer science students. Since then, our club has grown steadily - the committee is now more than twice its original size! At the beginning of 2016, CompSoc rebranded to become the beautiful blue and orange masterpiece it is today. In 2017, and moving forward, we strive to expand the range and quality of our events and opportunities for all students.

2017 Committee

Past Committees


    2016 Committee
  • Sarang Love Leehan President
  • Dion Woolley Vice President
  • Greg Best Treasurer
  • Hamish Johnston Secretary
    Equity Officer
  • Emily Price Academic Events Manager
    Equity Officer
  • Amanda Deacon Academic Events Manager
  • Jonty Trombik Social Events Manager
  • Samuel Yamoah Social Events Manager
  • Ben Moskovitz Marketing Director
  • Aaron Stockdill Postgraduate Representative
  • Adam Tupper Second Year Representative
  • Louis Attenborough Second Year Representative
  • Aaron Bong First Year Representative
  • Philippa Richardson First Year Representative


    2015 Committee
  • Carina Blair President
  • Marcus Stenfert Kroese Vice President
  • Greg Best Treasurer
  • Hamish Johnston Secretary
  • Clare Ford Academic Events Manager
  • Jamie Corrigan Academic Events Manager
  • Emily Benson Social Events Manager
  • Sarang Love Leehan Marketing Director
  • Caitlin Duncan Postgraduate Representative
  • Greg Best Second Year Representative
  • Toni James Second Year Representative
  • Louis Attenborough First Year Representative


    2014 Committee
  • Marcus Stenfert Kroese President
  • Andrew CurtisBlack Vice President
  • Rachel Gardner Treasurer
  • Matt Barton Academic Events Manager
  • Hadi Roudaki Social Events Manager
  • Roseanna Grundy Marketing Director
  • Sam Jarman Postgraduate Representative
  • Carina Blair Second Year Representative
  • Sarang Love Leehan First Year Representative
  • Jamie Corrigan First Year Representative
  • Hamish Johnston First Year Representative
  • Greg Best First Year Representative


    2013 Committee
  • Sam Jarman President
  • Cody Harringon Vice President
  • Scott Ogden Treasurer
  • Michael van de Water Secretary
  • Hayden Jackson Academic Events Manager
  • Michael Gorman Social Events Manager
  • Alice Cresswell Marketing Director
  • Caitlin Duncan Postgraduate Representative
  • Hadi Roudaki Second Year Representative
  • Carina Blair First Year Representative
  • Sam Chau First Year Representative


    2012 Committee
  • Neal Nankivell President
  • Paddy Polson Vice President
  • Michael Norrie Treasurer
  • Jan Fockenga Secretary
  • Sam Jarman Academic Events Manager
  • Kieran Ormandy Social Events Manager
  • Ellie Rasmus Marketing Director
  • Ben Munro Webmaster
  • Daniel Schramm Postgraduate Representative
  • Cain Cresswell-Miley Second Year Representative
  • George Xian Second Year Representative
  • Michael van de Water First Year Representative


    2011 Committee
  • Daniel Schramm President
  • Max Brosnahan Vice President
  • Joel Harrison Treasurer
  • Lewis Christie Secretary
  • Andrew Bryant Events Manager
  • Andrei Miulescu Webmaster
  • Chris Jensen NZCS Liason
  • Sam Jarman Postgraduate Representative
  • George Xian First Year Representative
  • Brenton Milne First Year Representative